Keylogger King Home

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Monitor and control everything that happens on your PC


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Keylogger King Home is an application that stores detailed information about everything that happens on your system.

It stands out for its ability to save information from the characters and text that you write, creating an automatic log to keep track of every keystroke. It wasn't designed for one specific use, so you can use the program however you see fit.

One example would be parental control, since it keeps track of web history, including good-quality screen captures, as well as any kind of file that is opened or downloaded.

Or, you may use it to make automatic, secure copies. This comes in handy when you're writing a word document or email, and for whatever reason lose what you've written. The Keylogger King Home log saves the text you were working on.

These and other uses make Keylogger King Home a helpful, versatile application for those users who like to exercise maximum control over what happens on their system.